The new Estelon XB Mk II review by Jason Thorpe is now published on SoundStage! Ultra. We are very honoured with the Reviewers’ Choice Award and we would like to thank the SoundStage! Network team for their support!
Here are some quotes from the review:

“As I’ve said several times in the past, Estelon, based in Tallinn, Estonia, makes perhaps the most beautiful speakers in the world, and every time I’ve heard them, I’ve been mightily impressed.”

“As you can see from the photos, the XB is a dramatic speaker. It’s an attention grabber”

“The XB Mk II is a stunning, elegant, graceful speaker.”

“As soon as the positioning was sorted, “Inheritance” bloomed, shot out, and enveloped me. From the moment that ride cymbal trickled in, and that deep, deep piano washed over me, I knew these were the speakers in which I’d like to be buried.”

“There’s a midrange clarity to the XBs, a sort of laid-bare, stripped-down cleanliness. It’s like there’s no overhang, no reverberations or artifacts muddying things up. The XBs don’t pollute the musical signal.”

“… I really can’t see how you could possibly be dissatisfied by their sound.”

Read the full review on SoundStage! Ultra.