Estelon loudspeakers are built with the highest standards in the industry. Each component is carefully chosen and repeatedly checked so we are confident that it meets the best quality for a perfect result.

Engineering concept

Each element and its characteristics play a crucial role in delivering the purest sounds imaginable. All Estelon products are built from the inside out. The shape is a result of decades of engineering and experience in creating the best conditions for music reproduction. Taking this into account there are not many materials in the world that can adhere to the necessary conditions.

Cabinet materials

All our speakers’ cabinets are built using a proprietary marble based composite material. This allows the creation of the perfect form and shape of the speaker. The specific materials, along with the unique shape, eliminate any extra internal resonances and diffractions so the sound is pure and natural without any colouration.

The same philosophy is also used for the YB speaker, using materials that fit best the speaker’s characteristics.

The finishing techniques of our speakers come from the automotive industry, which makes the coating very durable. The finishing is handcrafted and consists of up to 12 layers and careful hand polishing.

Top quality drivers

The Estelon X-Series loudspeakers use drivers from the German company Thiel & Partner. They have been producing and distributing high-quality drivers made of stiff membrane materials such as ceramics, CVD-diamond and aluminium, under the accuton® brand since 1994. Accuton also produces the speaker systems for the Bugatti supercars.

Our YB model is using driver elements from SEAS and Scan-Speak.

The Scan-Speak Revelator mid-range driver is well known for its sliced paper cone technology. The slices are filled with damping glue, which reduces the break-up modes in the diaphragm. The 1” compact beryllium tweeter is the best example of ‘big sound in a small body’. As beryllium is characterized by great stiffness, light weight and high damping, its diaphragm offers all the properties required to reproduce an excellent sound.

The SEAS stiff aluminium cone gives tremendous bass precision. The cone and the low loss rubber surround show no sign of the familiar 500-1500 Hz cone edge resonance and distortion associated with soft cones.