This year The Absolute Sound magazine (USA) awarded Estelon with two Editors’ Choice Awards for its models “X Diamond” and “XB”.

The Absolute Sound’s Editors’ Choice Awards represents the gear that the editors and writers have selected as most worthy of readers consideration. These are the components the editors and writers themselves would buy—or recommend to their friends and family.

X Diamond

“This beautiful, sculpturesque, 3-way, ported-box floorstander with Accuton drivers boasts what has to be the best blend of a diamond tweeter and ceramic midrange and woofer Jonathan Valin has yet heard. Where diamond tweets usually stick out like diamond sore thumbs, here all is beautifully of a piece, thanks to the engineering smarts of speaker-maker Alfred Vassilkov. Like many ceramic-driver speakers, the Estelon is a model of low-level resolution and finesse, but unlike many ceramic speakers it doesn’t compress dynamics (as much) at higher volume levels. This may, in part, be because it has absolutely killer bass.” Jonathan Valin, issue 228. Read the full review here.


“The curvaceous cabinet is only the beginning of the Xb’s delights. The Estelon delivers incredible detail and spatial resolution, giving music an uncanny tangibility. Further, dynamics and timing are so precise—allowing stylistic nuances to come through so clearly—that the listener feels directly connected to each musician.” Alan Taffel’s review forthcoming!