Estelon YB was recently at a thorough review at SoundStage! Ultra. Here are some quotes from the reviewer Jason Thorpe.

“You want elegance? You want architectural grace? Check out Estelon. This Estonian company manufactures some of the most otherworldly speakers I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s hard to imagine a more graceful, elegant, classical shape for a speaker cabinet than the YB. The cabinet’s gentle inward slope, up from its wider, rounded base through its high, narrow waistline, is graceful, yes, but also slightly ominous and menacing. In all, it’s a wonderful design, beautifully executed.”

“Just look at these speakers. It’s hard to get a solid bead on YB’s appearance — the organic curves and angles, the flawless lacquer that bends light around the cabinet. They seemed to pull light into themselves and disappear. And they’re perhaps the most beautiful speakers I’ve had in my room.”

“I began this review by musing about the Estelon YBs’ soundstaging — about how they projected an image. Now I’m drawn back to tell you more about how this speaker combined its varied talents — that deep, tight, slightly rich bass; that expressive midrange; that unfatiguing, well-controlled treble — into an extremely satisfying musical whole.”

“It ended up almost as hard to get a bead on the YBs’ overall sound as it was to lock in on their silhouettes — two dark, ghostly columns sitting there, somewhat aloof, always elegant. And always musical chameleons, reproducing each recording as it required: deep, rich, and slammin’ when it was time to rock; cool, calm, and precise when there were details to unearth.”

“Can one speaker do it all? For the most part, yes. The Estelon YB has many talents, and it’s rare for a speaker to pass through my room and provide me with so many facets to explore. Highly recommended.”

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