The new Estelon AURA review by Edgar Kramer on SoundStage! Australia reaffirms the model’s status as a true masterpiece of audio engineering and design.

The AURA loudspeakers stand as a work of art in their own right. Kramer’s admiration for their “gorgeous near-organic curvaceous design” echoes sentiments shared by enthusiasts and critics alike. It’s a testament to Estelon’s commitment to marrying technical excellence with aesthetic beauty, creating a product that captivates both the eyes and ears.

What sets the AURA apart is its ability to seamlessly blend technical prowess with artistic expression. Kramer describes it as a “somewhat uncommon phenomenon,” a speaker that not only delivers exceptional sound but also serves as a refined artistic statement. 

In his review, Kramer leaves no doubt about the transformative power of the AURA loudspeakers. He declares that Estelon has unequivocally demonstrated that AURA‘s energy can indeed have a very powerful impact on music’s splendour.” It’s a profound statement that speaks to the emotional connection that the AURA is capable of fostering between listener and music.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Edgar Kramer for his insightful review and unwavering support. His words capture the essence of the AURA experience. We are also grateful to our Australian distributor, Advance Audio, for their role in facilitating this review and for their continued partnership.

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