“Some loudspeakers just have stage presence. Such was the case with Estelon’s new YB. The willowy, three-driver (1” beryllium tweeter, 5.25” mid/bass, 8” woofer), sealed-enclosure design rises to a height of 51” and will be available in three finishes. Consistent with its much larger Estelon brethren is the huge, open soundstage, capable of a height and width and naturalism with chamber orchestra that was stirring to the emotions. Although it is not due in the States until late summer and the price is still TBA, figure on around $20,000. Yes, it was just on the cusp of my segment, but it was too gorgeous to pass up. I didn’t know whether to listen to it or ask it for a date.”
Report from Munich High End Show by Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound
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