Designer Alfred Vassilkov and his business partner and daughter Alissa Vassilkova presenting Estelon X Diamonds. Photo by Leo Yeh


Jonathan Valin (The Absolute Sound, USA):

“So…first up from Floor 29 was the $69.9k Estelon X Diamond three-way, ceramic-driver floorstanders in their distinctive hour-glass-shaped, crushed stone-and-laminate enclosures. I rave-reviewed the Xes in TAS about a year ago and, on the basis of this show, have no reason to modify my views. The Estelons were being driven by (superb-sounding) Chord electronics and sourced by a Jadis (!) turntable. I had Alfred play cuts from The Reiner Sound, and the Ravel “Feria” was absolutely phenomenal. /…/ this was a terrific way to start a trade show!”