In autumn we had the pleasure to host Mr. Matti Komulainen, a journalist from the recognized high-end audio magazine Hifimaailma (eng. Hifi-World) from Finland. Mr. Komulainen spent a few days here at Estelon headquarters in Tallinn, getting to know our philosophy and aesthetics, interviewing the Chief Designer Mr. Alfred Vassilkov and reviewing our speakers.

The “test-subjects” were the Red Dot Award-winning Estelon YB and the Rolls-Royce inspired Estelon Extreme Limited Edition, which both received an excellent review from Mr. Komulainen. He compliments the impressive sound stage and live-like performance of the YB and is especially blown away by the Extreme Limited Edition and  from hearing completely new dimensions in the familiar tracks he played. And these are just a few examples from his review.

The results of his visit were published in Hifimaailma No. 8/2017 in December (in Finnish).