Estelon Cooperation with Devialet

Together with the French high-end audio company Devialet, Estelon has developed a fully compatible version of the Estelon YB model with the AXD® (Active X-over Design) technology. Active cross-over for the speakers is performed in the digital domain, using DSP-based crossover filters already available in the Devialet Expert Pro platform.

AXD® enables the loudspeaker designer to digitally modify the filtering parameters, which otherwise would be physically limited. It provides the shortest analog signal path in the history of audio. Less is again more.

Currently the technology is developed as an option for the Estelon YB model.

What are the benefits of AXD®?

– AXD® provides superior possibilities to the loudspeaker designer.
– AXD® enables ultra-high precision and purity.
– AXD® maximizes the efficiency and linearity of the amplification system. All of the power delivered by the amplifier is used by the speaker driver. The amplifier does not have to deliver extra power dissipated as heat by the passive crossover.