We recently had the privilege of joining the Krakow Sonic Society (KSS) for their 143rd meeting, an event that brought together music enthusiasts, audiophiles, and friends. Hosted by Tomek Folta, the evening featured an exclusive presentation by Alfred Vassilkov, who introduced the new AURA model and shed light on the essence of the Estelon brand.

Founded in 2005, KSS stands as a vibrant community committed to unravelling the nuances of audio products, recordings, and music. The 143rd meeting represented yet another significant chapter in the society’s ongoing exploration of the boundless world of audio passion.

The sonic journey unfolded at Tomek Folta’s listening room, where a meticulously crafted audio system took centre stage. The combination of an Accuphase P-7300 amplifier, an Aurender N20 file transport, an Ayon Audio Kronos DAC, and a Transrotor Alto TMD turntable, set the stage for an auditory experience like no other. The meeting was divided into two segments: streaming listening and vinyl LP sessions, each accompanied by insightful commentary from KSS members.

We extend our gratitude to the Krakow Sonic Society for the invitation, as well as for the honorary membership, allowing us to share our passion for music with this exceptional community. It’s a testament to the spirit of collaboration and exploration that defines the world of high-fidelity audio.

For a more detailed account of the event, you can read the article in English here and in Polish here.