At this year’s High End Munich, Estelon once again demonstrated why it’s at the forefront of audio innovation. Our showcase featuring the X Diamond Signature Edition speakers left a lasting impression on attendees, solidifying our reputation as leaders in the industry.

The X Diamond Signature Edition garnered high praise for their outstanding performance. Edgar Kramer from SoundStage Australia lauded their “solid and slamming bass” and “beguiling midrange presenting vocals realistically” while Jason Thorpe from SoundStage! Network praised the “extremely deep, real-world bass” and the “silky highs” that captivated listeners. Additionally, Jason Kennedy from The Ear hailed the X Diamond Signature Edition as “one of the best sounding digital systems at the show” underscoring their exceptional quality. Robert Harley from The Absolute Sound also recognised the excellence of the X Diamond Signature Edition, stating, “I’d like to recognise a number of speakers that sounded superb at the show. The Estelon X Diamond Signature Edition driven by MSB amplifiers with an Aurender and dCS digital front end produced a gorgeous sound.”

Estelon extends heartfelt thanks to the media for their continuous support and coverage, which has played a crucial role in promoting the brand and its innovative products. Their recognition further motivates us to push boundaries and continue delivering cutting-edge audio experiences.

Estelon’s success was made possible by the invaluable support and collaboration with Crystal Cable, Aurender, Pilium, MSB and dCS. Their contributions played a pivotal role in elevating Estelon’s showcase to unprecedented heights.

Lastly, we extend our sincere appreciation to all who visited and contributed to the event’s success. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to showcase our cutting-edge audio solutions at next year’s event, continuing to inspire and delight music lovers around the world!

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