The X Diamond Mk II has received its 3rd consecutive award for 2021! The highly prestigious Golden Ear Award by The Absolute Sound is now added to the list!

“Always supremely detailed and “of a piece” from top to bottom, with the least boomy, most linear, most extended bottom octaves I’ve ever heard from a woofer in a ported enclosure, the X Diamond Mk II’s new tweeter, crossover, and wiring have erased the original’s very slight touch of the “analytical,” turning what was once primarily a “fidelity to source” speaker into a great all-arounder whose richer, denser tone color, still-outstand- ing resolution, lifelike dynamic speed and oomph, and, yes, remarkable absence of enclosure and driver noise should please every kind of listener, from rock ’n’ roller to classicist. This is a great dynamic loudspeaker.”

– Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound (Sep 2021)

A huge thanks to the entire T.A.S. team!