This year, our revolutionary flagship speaker “Extreme”, winner of 2015 CES “Best of Innovation” Award will be driven by Soulution – handmade electronics from Switzerland, recent winner of multiple “Product of the Year 2014” awards by The Absolute Sound.

Here is our carefully selected set-up of the best products in the industry:

Loudspeakers: Estelon Extreme
Monoamplifiers: Soulution 701
Preamplifier: Soulution 725
SACD player: Soulution 746
Cabling: Kubala Sosna Elation
Equipment Rack: Crytical Mass Systems


Don’t miss our demo and hourly presentations by Estelon designer Alfred and his daughter and business partner Alissa. See you in Munich!


Location: M,O,C, Munich
Booth: Atrium 4, F216
Dates: May 14-17, 2015