Sonic Divas: The exceptional Estelon YB pre-launch demonstration at the renowned Nazarov Gallery (Moscow)


This model created major commotion at the High End Show in Munich this May. On one hand, one can say that this was expected, since its Estelon “brothers and sisters” have already received all imaginable, and “unimaginable” awards across continents around world. Nevertheless, here are a few recognitions and awards for the Model YB alone, from top experts in high-end audio:


Best sound (for the money) – Robert Harley, TAS (USA)

Most Significant Products – Neil Gader, TAS (USA)

Best of High-End 2016 – Douglas Schneider, Soundstage Hi-Fi (USA)


And this is what this model immediately received after the first few days of its official launch.


The sound of this speaker is amazing as a whole or even if you “divide it to atoms”.


You can hear all the overtones of the strings of an acoustic guitar, the depth of the sound of piano gets under the skin, the vocals are overwhelming, and even the barrel-drum sounds like a barrel-drum, not like a small drum, that often is the case. The space in front of you is drawn with magical perfection. There are live performers in front of you, no matter if it’s groovy rock, orchestra with all its dramatic performance or soulful jazz vocals.


In other words, in terms of quality these speakers are really “Best Sound (for the money)” and “Best of High-End”.


But what is particularly impressive – is the design. Estelon YB looks graceful and aristocratic. This is rather rare when you don’t have to worry whether they would fit the interiors – classic or minimalist design.


However, the exterior design of the speakers is influenced by acoustic requirements. The cabinets are made of a special composite with a perfect high gloss surface and provide necessary rigidity, removing resonances or unwanted standing waves or any other acoustic interferences.


Another fact that adds to the exclusivity of the new Model YB is that all pairs at the manufacturer were sold 6 months in advance, and that was even before the official launch of the product in local markets.


By the way, in Russia, the model was supposed to appear in September-October – when the official launch of the Model YB in Russia is planned. Exceptionally, Nazarov Gallery has the honor of exclusively demonstrating the Model YB in all its glory, prior to the official launch.


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