Toronto Audiofest took place on October 19.-21. Our distributor in Canada, Tri-Cell Enterprises showcased the Estelon YB, which receiver a lot of attention and excellent feedback from the visitors.

“The one room that really captured my attention featured Estelon YB speakers ($19,000 USD) driven by Aesthetix Mimas Black integrated amplifier ($8,000 USD). Very elegant looking speakers that produced a natural sound that was very pleasant to listen to without being ever harsh or fatiguing,” by Alex Gorouvein from
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“The Aesthetix / Estelon combination delighted me with clean, detailed and spatial sound that stretched well beyond the boundaries of the room. I had the chance to listen to several unknown (to me) recordings as well as one of my favourite bands – the Dire Straits. The sound here was very immersive – it had me tapping my hands and feet to the music in no time. I could have sat back and listened for hours to this system. I would love to bring in a pair of the Estelon speakers in for review in my own listening room, soon. This demo certainly peaked my interest,” by Suave Kajko from NOVO.
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