The Absolute Sound magazine (USA) has chosen Estelon YB among the hottest new products to hit the market in 2017.

According to the magazine: “The new Model YB is an asymmetrical three-way design that like all Estelon speakers features a cabinet employing a proprietary composite material developed to maximize rigidity and eliminate cabinet coloration. Its shape was designed to minimize vibration and resonance, facilitate in-room placement, and optimize performance of the drive units. An 8″ woofer has an extremely stiff aluminum cone for enhanced bass precision and deep natural bass. A 5.25″ mid-woofer, known for its sliced paper cone technology wherein the slices are filled with damping glue, reportedly reduces breakup modes in the diaphragm to deliver accurate and natural sound. A beryllium-membrane 1″ tweeter provides extreme rigidity along with very low mass and high damping. Estelon follows a meticulous handcrafted approach that includes careful testing and pair matching of drivers and fine-tuning of all the high-quality internal components for a more lifelike sonic performance.”

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