In late Autumn last year, we had a visit from the Editor of Chief of the leading Nordic magazine Inner, Mr. Kari Nevalainen. Mr. Nevalainen spent a day here at Estelon’s headquarters, interviewing the Founders Mr. Alfred Vassilkov and Ms. Alissa Vassilkova and listening music. The result of his visit is an enjoyable article about Alfred’s and of course Estelon’s history, a story of how it all came to be. The article is available online here (in English).

To listen to Extreme Legacys is listening in a grand style. It’s like being close to a giant who whispers something to your ear. … Extreme Legacy is no doubt a statement in any room where it is carried, both visually and sonically. It’s not that often one gets a chance to experience such a “total work of art”,” Mr. Kari Nevalainen, Editor in Chief of the Inner Magazine about the Estelon Extreme Legacy Edition speakers.

The article is available online HERE (in English).