After a 3-years pause, we were thrilled to be back in Munich, and we exhibited our Extreme Mk II model at the High End Show 2022.

A huge thank you to the High End Society for the amazing show, and thank you to all the visitors, friends, partners and press that honoured us with their presence.

Here are some reports that you can read about Estelon’s showroom too!

“Sounds like real music. Everything is tight and in place”
– Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

“Doug Schneider and I agree that among the cost-no-object-type speakers shown at High End 2022, the Extreme MK II in the finish shown there was the most striking and beautiful.”
– Jeff Fritz, SoundStage! Network

“This was a super-refined sound capable of excellent delivery of tonal textures. Amazingly, from my seating position front-and-centre, these massive speakers totally disappeared allowing a satisfying immersion into the music.”
– Edgar Kramer, SoundStage! Australia

“Powered by MSB electronics, the Extreme II provided a dynamic, comfortable and clear sound image.”
– Andrija Ćurković, Enjoy The Music

“Not only extreme in design, but also extremely balanced in their reproduction. Beauty all around.”
– Martjn Ten Napel, Alpha-Audio

“The colour is so special that it is too beautiful”
– Leo Yeh, My-HiEnd

“Kari Bremnes and Bjørn Berge sounded scary good, and these speakers really dig deep into the bass.”
– Lasse Svendsen, L&B Tech Reviews

The countdown for next year’s High End Show has already started!