This year Estelon celebrates its 10th anniversary. This milestone marks a decade of passionate research and development, and a decade of relentless passion to broaden the horizons in pursuit of sonic perfection.

Estelon is announcing the Classic Collection upgrades, featuring six Mk II models, for the ultimate sonic experience. Estonian based professional in the high-end audio speaker industry and chief designer of Estelon, Alfred Vassilkov, has applied his 35-years of expertise in engineering, along with the knowledge obtained from the recent Flagship Series designs, for updating the Classic line of Estelon speakers and offering a new level of performance. The Mk II upgrades are ideal for the true audiophiles and music lovers who appreciate absolute neutrality, tonal balance linearity, and a life-like 3D presence.

After 10 years of innovation, Alfred decided that it is time to take the next step towards perfection by updating the already successful X and Y Series. The applied upgrades achieve the most effortless and transparent reproduction ever, maintaining the unique, luxurious design and clear curves of the cabinets that ensure the lack of standing waves and internal reflections. The premium multi-layered finish, painted at the highest automotive industry standards, has already made Estelon speakers noticeable and appreciated by interior designers, architects, and system integrators meeting their high criteria of added elegance and luxury.

Beyond the visual appeal, the technical upgrades consist of new crossover networks that blend improved components of resistors and capacitors for wider dynamic range and transparency. The new internal cabling provided by Kubala-Sosna now offers an improved and exceptional tone, and a richer and more detailed sound, while the upgraded connectors are now stronger providing safer connectivity. The Mk II models are now available with new high-quality, Estelon-designed stainless steel black matte floor-spikes and swappable flat feet, for carpeted or hard floors, resulting in fewer vibrations, better audio reproduction, and a more precise image. Each model was revised and treated with the highest dedication to overall increased performance, and as a result, some of the models feature new drivers as well. Since elegance is synonymous with Estelon, the graceful appearance is now complete from the new dark grey drivers all the way to the new black connection panel.

The upgrades

Estelon X Diamond Mk II

The new X Diamond Mk II comes with a new type of Accuton 25mm diamond tweeter for absolute neutrality, reaching up to 60kHz eliminating every trace of distortion in the audio spectrum. The new crossover network features Mundorf resistors and Silver Gold Oil capacitors plus Duelund Silver Graphite resistors in the mid-woofer and tweeter circuits for wider dynamic range and transparency. The new Kubala-Sosna pure copper cabling will bring out all the details of every musical piece and in addition, the X Diamond comes now with the new Furutech connectors that provide the safest possible connectivity. The new high-quality, Estelon-designed stainless steel black matte floor-spikes/flat feet will minimize the vibrations for a clearer signal and the drivers come in an elegant dark grey color.

Estelon XB Diamond Mk II

The new XB Diamond Mk II adopts a new crossover network in which the improved components such as the Copper Foil Coils provide clarity, precision and faster sound. The Mundorf resistors and Silver Gold Oil capacitors expand the dynamic range and bring the most transparent audio signal to date. We redesigned the bass crossover for the best low frequencies integration and we also used the new Kubala-Sosna pure copper cabling for an unprecedented detailed reproduction. As in all our Mk II super stylish and elegant models, we added the dark grey colored drivers on the XB Diamond Mk II, while still providing the white color as an option, and the new strong Furutech connectors now match the new black serial-numbered connection panel along with the new Estelon-designed stainless steel black matte floor-spikes and the swappable flat feet.

Estelon XB Mk II

It was about time to upgrade our classic XB and the Mk II comes with all the features that will bring a smile to the faces of the most demanding listeners. The XB Mk II’s new crossover integrates resistors and Silver Gold Oil capacitors from Mundorf plus new high-quality cabling from Kubala-Sosna. The result is the most accurate reproduction with an expanded dynamic range and a detailed rich sound throughout the whole frequency spectrum. The XB Mk II comes with new dark grey drivers that will match the new Estelon-designed stainless steel floor-spikes/flat feet, along with the new black connection panel and the new Furutech connectors that bring new levels of safety and security to connectivity.

Estelon XC Diamond Mk II

While our XC Diamond remained an edition in the past, the new XC Diamond Mk II comes to stay in our collection and promises upgrades that will make you see our stand mount speaker from a different perspective. The new Accuton diamond tweeter provides clarity and speed, while the updated crossover expands the dynamic range through the Silver Gold Oil capacitors and the new Kubala-Sosna pure copper cabling. We have upgraded the stand along with stronger Furutech connectors, and we have added our newly designed stainless steel black matte floor-spikes with the swappable flat feet eliminating any vibrations and bringing the clearest audio reproduction. The impeccable aesthetic finish is completed through the new dark grey drivers.

Estelon XC Mk II

Our first stand mount speaker gets an upgrade, and the Mk II version sports a new Accuton ceramic tweeter bringing a faster and more realistic sound reproduction. The newly upgraded stand will hold the XC Mk II with the new crossover network that includes improved resistors and Silver Gold Oil capacitors, achieving unprecedented transparency through the new high-quality Kubala-Sosna pure copper cabling. The connectivity is now safer through the new Furutech connectors, and every part blends brilliantly, from the new dark grey drivers to the stainless steel spikes/feet for the elegant appearance that Estelon is also known for.

Estelon YB Mk II

Our most popular and multi-awarded model comes now in a marble-based composite cabinet, same as in our X Series, minimizing the vibration and bringing the purest audio signal with improved fidelity and better micro-dynamics. The YB Mk II contains a new crossover that features Mundorf resistors and Silver Gold Oil capacitors for a wider dynamic range and transparency through the cabling, which is now designed with new Kubala-Sosna pure copper cable. The result is a rich and detailed sound matching the Estelon standards. Finally, our new high-quality black matte stainless steel spikes/flat feet contribute to the best audio reproduction.

10 years of Estelon / 35 years of innovation

Carrying on its longstanding tradition of high performance and innovative design, Estelon continues to improve upon and produce their highly regarded loudspeakers with the most sophisticated design and emotionally engaging sound quality. Alfred Vassilkov’s experience in designing and building high-end speakers has contributed to the global audiophile community by bringing the most luxurious and highest performing products through the Estelon brand. His speakers have been widely acknowledged and accredited for their portrayal of sonic realism, speed, dynamics, transparency, neutrality, and undeniable ‘life-like’ sound. The new Mk II models simply intensify this experience and will impress even the most demanding and critical users. Estelon is sonic elegance!

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