Estelon has launched the newest addition to its flagship series. Called Forza – the speaker is much-awaited model in the top range of Estelon products.

„Forza is the result of my lifetime experience in designing speakers. I always aim for the perfect synergy between engineering and aesthetics to increase the amount of emotions that is possible to acquire from listening to music. I think I have achieved it with Forza,“ said Alfred Vassilkov, Estelon’s Founder and Chief Designer.

The first pair of Forzas was recently sent to Estelon’s dealer in Hong Kong, Squarewave Audio. „I am extremely happy that Forza models have started shipping and we can proudly present the speaker to the public. I hope that it will leave an unforgettable listening experience,“ added Alfred Vassilkov.

Standing at nearly 1,7 metres, the Estelon Forza composes of a single cabinet made from marble based composite material, and uses customised Accuton’s latest drivers. The Forza is able to create immense power as well as bring out every small detail.  This new model has a very lifelike and precise soundstage, which is the hallmark of Estelon. Slightly smaller than the Estelon Extreme, the Forza with its sleek design and powerful performance is truly spectacular.

Besides the first pair in Hong Kong, the Forza will be presented at Shanghai Show in April and at Munich High End Show in May 2019. For product launches and availability in your country, please contact your nearest Estelon distributor.

Technical specifications:

Type: 4-way sealed box
Woofer: 2 x 250 mm CELL Aluminium Sandwich Accuton  (custom design)
Mid Woofer: 190 mm CELL Aluminium Sandwich Accuton (custom design)
Midrange: 168 mm CELL Ceramic Accuton
Tweeter: 25 mm CELL Diamond Accuton
Internal Wiring: Kubala-Sosna
Frequency Response: 25 – 60 000 Hz
Power Rating: 400 W
Min Amplifier Power: 20 W
Nominal Impedance: 3 Ohm (min 2,0 Ohm at 42 and 110 Hz)
Sensitivity: 90 dB/2.83 V

MSRP in Europe 110,000 EUR.
Product information:

Download high resolution images here:


Estelon Forza at Square Wave Audio, Hong Kong