We are happy to announce the launch of the Model XB Diamond Edition speakers.

The Model XB Diamond Edition celebrates the success of one of the most loved speakers introduced by Estelon on its 5TH Year Anniversary. The Model XB Diamond Edition features a diamond tweeter along with a top-of-the-line crossover which delivers an amazing acoustic experience that is natural and relaxed. Furthermore, since the diamond tweeter’s resonances are outside the audible range, even the slightest distortions completely disappear. This helps deliver a more open, musical, deeper and precise experience like never before.

The Model XB Diamond Edition is especially perfect for listeners who may find the Model X Diamond rather too big in certain spaces since the Model XB is relatively smaller. The Model XB combines the best in sound and design, which is the hallmark of Estelon products. Technical information of the Model XB can be found here.

To celebrate the 5-Years’ Anniversary of the Model XB, we are pleased to launch the Model XB Diamond Edition. This edition features a diamond tweeter, top-of-the-line crossover and special (Diamond Edition) serial number plates with Alfred’s signature.

Manufacturer’s recommended price in Europe for the Model XB Diamond Edition is €39 000.

Shipping starts from May 2017. Please contact your local distributor for bookings, availability and pricing in your country. Official Estelon Distributors can be found here.

More information and link to product page here.