Last week Estelon joined a high profile business delegation from Estonia to accompany the Estonian Prime Minister’s visit to Japan.

Being successful in other Asian countries, Estelon is now planning to enter Japanese market. The focus of this visit was to learn about the market, meet the partners and best Japanese distributors to discuss cooperation, and to demonstrate Estelon’s top class product to the Japanese audience.

For this occasion, Estelon founders, Alfred and his daughters Alissa and Kristiina, took the flagship speaker Estelon Extreme with them.

Estelon Extreme was demonstrated at the Estonian Ambassador’s reception to welcome Estonian Prime Minister and guests at the Meiji Kinenkan.

The evening started with the piano concert by famous Estonian pianist Mr. Rein Rannap followed by the reception and the welcome words by the Estonian Ambassador Mr. Jaak Lensment and the Prime Minister Mr. Taavi Rõivas.

During the reception the guests could enjoy the good food and of course the finest quality music from Estelon loudspeakers, learn about the product and take pictures.

After the reception, the biggest hit on the Internet was a picture of Estelon team with the Prime Minister Mr. Taavi Rõivas and former professional sumo wrestler Baruto (Kaido Höövelson) from Estonia.

After the reception, the Estelon Extremes were set up for private demos and reception at the Imperial Hotel, in one of the oldest and best hotels in Tokyo.

Estelon extends a warm thank you to the Estonian Prime Minister Mr. Taavi Rõivas and his team; Estonian Embassy in Tokyo, Enterprise Estonia, Meiji Kinenkan and Imperial Hotel Tokyo and of course to Estonian Business delegation.

Special thanks to the Japanese partners for supplying world class products for the demonstrations: Concert Findelity, Esoteric, Furutech.



Photos by Tauno Tõhk/Riigikantselei