The Model XB is much awaited addition to the Estelon X-Series. Sharing the similar E-lon shape with XA and X Diamond, it is a smaller speaker designed for smaller listening rooms (suggested room size 20-50 m2) while keeping the hallmark of Estelon loudspeakers – the exceptionally wide imaging, deep sound staging and thrilling life like Dynamics.

The Model XB will surprise a listener with very defined and unexpectedly deep bass, clear and articulate mid and extremely good dynamics in high frequencies. The Model XB is capable of reproducing the finest nuances of music. Read more

The new Model XB was introduced at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest on October 12-14, 2012.
Place: Marriott Denver Tech Center, CO, USA
Room: 517

In the Spotlight:
Speakers – Estelon Model XB
Electronics – Vitus Audio
Cabling – Kubala-Sosna Elation
Power Conditioner – Silver Circle Audio Tchaik 6
Rack – Stillpoints