This year Estelon demonstrates its renewed flagship – the Estelon Extreme. The 2018 model has a new crossover design and new superior cabling from Kubala-Sosna, bringing the sound quality to yet another level.

Besides the changes inside the speaker, Estelon has introduced a new finishing option for the Extremes. In Munich, the visitors will be able to see and listen to the Rolls-Royce inspired Extreme Limited Edition – the version that is finished in Dark Silver metallic paint and features hand-polished stainless steel rims encircling each of the drivers.

The award-winning flagship Estelon Extreme comprises an upper and lower module, with the former fully adjustable to best suit a room’s acoustic attributes and the listener’s personal preferences.

The flagship system will be powered by the new Vitus Audio monoblocks SM103 and preamp SL103, all connected with Kubala-Sosna cabling.

From Estelon’s Intelligent Series, introduced last year, Estelon will demonstrate the LYNX – high-end wireless speaker system. Estelon LYNX speakers are essentially a marriage of all the best technology in the field of digital audio we could imagine. The core of the audio is HQPlayer from Signalyst what works as a DSD rendering engine, converting everything to a DSD64 stream. An Integrated Roon streaming player acts as a user interface for playback from NAS or Tidal streaming service.

Hourly presentations every day starting from 11.00.

In addition, Estelon CTO Andrus Aaslaid will hold a lecture on DSD modulated amplifiers on May 12, at 13:00, at the M.O.C. ground floor, room K2A.

Show details:

May 10-13, 2018
Estelon / Alfred & Partners
F-216, Atrium 4
M.O.C. Lillenthalallee 40, Munich, Germany