Estelon Forza at High End Show Munich 2019

Estelon presented its newest flagship series speaker called the Estelon Forza at the Munich High End Show 2019. The Forza speakers were in a special Ocean Mystery finish that caught the eyes of many audiophiles and music lovers attending the Show.

“The Show was great for Estelon. We got the chance to introduce our new model Forza to our distributors, dealers and press around the world as well as make new acquaintances with visitors who appreciated our product,” said Alfred Vassilkov, Estelon Founder and Chief Designer.

The Forza loudspeakers were connected to CH Precision M1.1 amplifiers (seen on the picture) and all of their wonderful electronics. The turntable was from Kronos Audio (Kronos Pro), which had a Black Beauty tonearm and ZYX cartridge. All of the equipment was on the fantastic racks made by Bassocontinuo. The cables were from the newest Realization series by Kubala-Sosna, which were supported by Furutech signal boosters and we were using a power conditioner from Audes.