“Estelon are loudspeakers with DNA, and while the measure of ultimate sound quality depends on the model, there are some audible common trends like:

–        expansiveness: a volumetrically generous soundstage with correct time/space relationships;

–        dynamic breathing: from the languid whispering of a solo flute to the sensual gasping of voices and the atmospheric tempestuous movement of large scale orchestras.

I put the Estelon Extreme through an ordeal, using a stress-test-disc with an eclectic taste of some 40 tracks of all kinds of signal tests and music, a real instrument of torture. They were connected to the Trinity/VTL ‘polygraph’ and did not ‘snitch’ either on tone or timbre:

–        fast response to violent transients with nary a complaint or pleading for clemency;

–        excellent sound projection and singer materialization in the listening room, while cutting the physical leash of…uh…Physics with a vanishing act;

–        bass was more intense than tense (read, tight), and I must admit the lowest telluric octave below 35Hz was somewhat limited by room dimension and acoustic treatment;

–        image was wide, deep and impressively high (no surprise here giving that unique mix of alien and anthropomorphic tall appearance);”

José Victor Henriques, Editor


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