Estelon Extreme receives “Loudspeaker of the Year 2016 Award” in Cost-No-Object category by Hi-Fi+ (UK). Thank you!

“Unlike many loudspeaker designs, where their often imposing height is fixed, the first and most obvious ‘thing’ about the Estelon Extreme is the remote controlled front baffle. This can rise or fall to fine-tune listener positioning, or can be effectively ‘stowed’ for more room friendly appeal. The curved, elegant £140,000/pr Extreme uses two separate enclosures per loudspeaker. The first is the fixed bass unit with its two side-forward ring bass units, while the floating front baffle contains mid-bass, midrange, and tweeter units, all from Accuton. Unlike many statement loudspeakers, Alfred Vassilkov’s best eschews drama and power, and goes for the ultimate in refinement and precision, portraying both the sophistication of the recording techniques and the mastery of the musicians. These are loudspeakers that can impress, but impress because of the way they portray musical intent and emotion, as well as sheer scale and energy.” Reviewed in Issue 117. You can read the full review of Estelon Extremes by Chris Thomas here.