Putting Estonia on the map aren’t just their beauty pageant entries. If you’re into serious hi-fi, really serious, then take a look at Estelon Audio. They’ve been awarded multiple times for their blend of technical brilliance and handmade craftsmanship but the Extreme is indeed their most extreme expression of breaking the loudspeaker norm. Built entirely of a marble composite, the 250-kg heft of each speaker allows it to focus all its sonic energy into the room and not waste it radiating internally. The two-piece cabinet keeps the twin 10-inch woofers separate from the height-adjustable high-frequency module that houses the midbass, midrange and tweeter. A motorised column allows the listener to select between five preset positions and lock in the most appropriate given the listening position and acoustic conditions. Available in exotic finishes like copper, gold, dark silver and black lava, this is a statement piece that is more than just a conversation starter. It may, in fact, just end any conversation as it starts playing!

Here’s a pick of the 10 most desirable gadgets by Nishant Padhiar, Editor, Stuff (India) & What Hi-Fi: http://goo.gl/cvjfBT