AXPONA 2023 was a success for Estelon! More than 7,000 people visited our room to listen to our Extreme Mk II model with the Vitus Audio Masterpiece electronics which were showcased for the first time in North America.

We would like to thank all of you who visited our room and spent time with the system and getting to know us. Also, we’d like to thank Acoustic Signature, Rutherford Audio, Crystal Cables, Innuos, HRS, and Stromtank for lending their fine products to us for this exhibit.

⁣Special thanks to The Audio Experience, our local partner in Illinois, and to Scott Walker Audio who showed the Estelon XB Mk II in their room. It was a show stopper and one of the best-sounding rooms at AXPONA!

AXPONA 2023 is a wrap and we look forward to seeing you all at the High End Show in Munich.

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Photo credits: Psyphonyx Audio & Greg Johnson aka Mr. Sunshine