One of the most significant high end audio shows in Europe – High End Munich – is over and we would like to thank everyone who visited. We are especially grateful to Vitus Audio and Kubala Sosna for partnering up with us for the Show.

The Show was very successful for Estelon as we were recognized by different influential high end audio experts from all over the world.

One of the most significant acknowledgements came from Jonathan Valin, editor of the Absolute Sound magazine (USA). Jonathan named his Best of Show and listed the Estelon Extreme under Cost no Object category. “… the system was gorgeous from the very first cut, with extremely smooth, even, extended, and natural frequency response, and unusually good dynamic range. …. a superb presentation…” said Jonathan Valin about the Extreme. This is indeed a superb recognition from one of the most influential high end audio specialists in the world. Thank you, Jonathan!

Estelon Extreme was named the Best Cost No Object at the Show by David Baker from the Audio Therapy: “The best cost no object system at the show for me was easily the Estelon Extreme’s and the big Vitus mono power amps, was breathtaking real, no colouration at all, the design and engineering behind this speakers really is a joy to behold. …. Their looks may divide opinion (I think they look amazing!) but the engineering and performance are off the chart.”

Estelon Extreme was also listed among five of the best systems in the Show by Korean online news portal News1 Korea.

In addition, the Estelon Extreme was highly acknowledged  by the Hifi Pig (UK), Hi-AV (Taiwan), Audio & Vision (Hungary), Hometheater Magazine (Israel), and many more.

HERE you will find our Newsletter with a more detailed summary of the media coverage and all the relevant links to previously mentioned and other sources as well, including videos of Estelon demos and different photo galleries from the Show.

It was indeed a great show, we appreciate all the recognition and look forward to High End Munich 2019!