Estelon and Vitus Audio have teamed up to exhibit at AXPONA 2023, April 14-16, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center in room Schaumburg D.

AXPONA 2023 will be the North American debut of both the Estelon Extreme Mk II loudspeaker and Vitus Audio Masterpiece electronics, as well as relaunching of the Vitus Audio brand for The Americas.
The magnificent system that Estelon and Vitus Audio will be showcasing is valued at over $1M USD (retail) and features additional products from Acoustic Signature, Innuos, Stromtank, Crystal Cable, and HRS.
The incredible technology and performance of the Estelon Extreme Mk II will be amplified by two Vitus Audio Masterpiece MP-S201 stereo amps (25 WPC Class A or 500 WPC Class AB at 8 ohms) in a bi-amped configuration using one amplifier per speaker, connected to the speaker’s low frequency and high-frequency input terminals. No external electronic crossover is necessary as the speaker uses an advanced and uniquely configured internal passive crossover.

We are excited to showcase this incredibly well-designed, statement-level system at AXPONA 2023. We welcome you to visit with us and spend some time learning about the system, products, brand philosophies, and enjoying the musicality and realism that will be presented.

Estelon Extreme Mk II Bronze Royale

Vitus Audio MP-S201 Mk I Stereo Amplifiers
Vitus Audio MP-L201 Mk II Stereo Preamplifier
Vitus Audio MP-D201 Mk III DAC
Vitus Audio SP-103 MkII Phono Stage
Innuos Statement Music Server w/Next Gen Power Supply
Acoustic Signature Ascona NEO Turntable with tonearm, cartridge, etc Stromtank S-2500 Quantum MkII Battery Power Source and Conditioner Stromtank S-1000 Battery Power Source and Conditioner

Crystal Cable Art Series Da Vinci (Speaker, XLR, Digital, and Power Cables)

HRS SXR-1921-3v racks (2), R3X-1921 bases (6), E1X-2127-2 (2) bases

ART 6XS Electromagnetic Treatments (2) passive devices
ASC 16” x 36” IsoThermal Tube Traps (10)