We are elated to share a momentous milestone in our journey of sonic innovation – the Estelon AURA has been meticulously reviewed by the discerning ears of Doug Schneider on SoundStage! Hi-Fi. Doug’s eloquent expressions capture the essence of the AURA, making this a must-read for all audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Doug Schneider begins his exploration with a profound statement, “A beautiful, great-sounding stereo starts with beautiful, great-sounding speakers.” This sentiment sets the tone for the AURA’s prowess in not just delivering exceptional audio but also embodying a visual masterpiece. The AURA stands out as one of the most visually striking loudspeakers in today’s market.

Doug’s firsthand encounter with the AURA at High End 2023 left an indelible impression. He recounts, “From the time I saw and heard a pair, in May, at High End 2023, I knew I wanted a pair of AURAs in my living room.” This testament to the speaker’s visual allure is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into creating each AURA.

Upon delving into the auditory experience, Doug highlights the AURA’s immediate impact, stating, “Right off the bat, the sound was very good: great bass power and tremendous clarity throughout the midrange and highs.” The AURA emerges as a catalyst for music, effortlessly dispersing sound evenly into the room, creating an immersive sonic environment.

Doug Schneider’s review extends to the AURA’s bass capabilities, expressing, “…the AURAs didn’t just convey to me satisfying moderate bass, they thrusted exhilarating deep bass right at me.” This revelation reinforces the AURA’s capacity to deliver a full spectrum sound.

For a detailed account of Doug Schneider’s journey in crafting a great-sounding stereo system with the AURA, dive into his latest System One column on SoundStage HiFi. The review unveils why the AURA stands not only as a speaker but as a symbol of sonic excellence, setting new standards in the world of audio.

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