The Audio Video Show 2023 in Warsaw provided us with the perfect platform to connect with local audiophiles, colleagues, friends, and the media who graced our exhibit with their presence.

Once again, our showcase in the Estelon room at the Golden Tulip Hotel emerged as one of the undeniable highlights of the show. Visitors stood captivated and spent extensive time immersed in the world of high-quality audio. This enthusiasm was further fueled by the engaging presentations by Alfred Vassilkov.

At the heart of our display was the last Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition model. This stunning masterpiece was presented as part of a meticulously crafted and phenomenal-sounding system. Our local distributor, Nautilus, paired the Forza speakers with Accuphase electronics, Siltech and Crystal Cable.

The combination of Estelon’s uncompromising craftsmanship, Accuphase’s top-tier electronics, and the unmatched quality of Siltech and Crystal Cable created an immersive audio environment that left a lasting impression on our visitors.

The quotes:

“And this system sounded just so very right. So clear, so elegant. This is one system where the looks coincide with the sound. Deep, realistic bass, with a clear, open top end. It was just delightful.
When I grow up, this is the exact system I want in my house.”
– Jason Thorpe, SoundStage Global

“They are great loudspeakers but there’s something going on here that has them sounding really brilliant!
Quite an incredible sounding system playing Fink’s Trouble is What You’re In and then the current fave of all HiFi Shows around the world, Make Us Stronger by Ghost Rider. And incredible looking too with the striking gold and black theme.”
– HiFi PiG

“At Warsaw 2023, this room with the exotic looking Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition speakers enjoined with a raft of sublime and classically understated Accuphase gear had to qualify as some of the best sound I heard at the show. It was equal parts powerful, transparent, and delicate at the same time. It was completely all encompassing and just drew me in. It was a superlative system, the kind that would temporarily make me consider numerous acts of criminality to own”
– Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

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We are deeply grateful for the support and enthusiasm that surround Estelon. We look forward to the future and the opportunities it holds for Estelon in the world of high-end audio. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and thank you for being a part of our journey.