Exceptional performance
for more compact environments.

The Experience

"...dynamics and timing are so precise /.../ that the listener feels directly connected to each musician,” Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the XA, Estelon XB shares its predecessor’s qualities of impeccable audio production and curved, sculptural styling, but is tailored to excel in a smaller listening environment.

Estelon XB remains true to the X-Series’ expansive soundscape and thrilling, “live performance” dynamic, while delivering a precise balance of defined bass, articulate mid-range and dynamic high-range frequencies that enable the listener to savour the subtlest of musical nuances. The perfect speaker system for those seeking to experience expansive sound within a more contained space.


  • Type

    Passive speaker

  • Drivers

    Woofer: 1×8,7″ Accuton, ceramic sandwich dome
    Mid-Woofer: 6,25” Accuton, ceramic membrane
    Tweeter: 1×1” Accuton, ceramic inverted dome

  • Internal wiring


  • Frequency response

    22-30 000 Hz

  • Power rating

    150 W

  • Nominal impedance

    6 ohms (min 3,5 ohms at 50 Hz)

  • Sensitivity

    87 dB / 2,83 V

  • Minimal amplifier power

    30 W

  • Dimensions

    Height: 1260 mm
    Width: 420 mm
    Depth: 590 mm
    Net weight: 69 kg per piece

  • Material

    Marble based composite

  • Recommended room size

    20-50 m²

  • Finish

The Awards

Exclusive edition



The Experience

An exhilarating audio experience.

The Model XB Diamond Edition celebrates the success of one of the most loved speakers introduced by Estelon on its 5TH Year Anniversary. The Model XB Diamond Edition features a 1" diamond tweeter along with a top-of-the-line crossover which delivers an amazing acoustic experience that is natural and relaxed. Furthermore, since the diamond tweeter’s resonances are outside the audible range, even the slightest distortions completely disappear. This helps deliver a more open, musical, deeper and precise experience like never before.

The Model XB Diamond Edition is especially perfect for listeners who may find the Model X Diamond rather too big in certain spaces. The Model XB combines the best in sound and design, which is the hallmark of Estelon products.