Unrivalled musicality,
superior precision.

The Experience

“The Estelon X Diamonds get my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation,” Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

The X Diamond’s graceful exterior shares many qualities with that of the XA, boasting the same sweeping silhouette and sense of scale as its stylish stablemate. However, the X Diamond’s soaring cabinet houses a host of technological developments, resulting in one of the most sophisticated full-range speakers on the market.

The system’s engineering advancements include its namesake ultra-hard diamond tweeter, a new crossover set-up and the incorporation of innovative dampening materials. These combine to create an exhilarating audio experience – one of refined balance, crystal-clear clarity and non-existent distortion.


  • Type

    Passive speaker

  • Drivers

    Woofer: 1×11″ Accuton, ceramic sandwich dome
    Mid-Woofer: 7” Accuton, ceramic membrane
    Tweeter: 1×1,2” Accuton, diamond inverted dome

  • Internal wiring


  • Frequency response

    22-45 000 Hz

  • Power rating

    200 W

  • Sensitivity

    88 dB / 2,83 V

  • Minimal amplifier power

    20 W

  • Material

    Marble based composite

  • Dimensions

    Height: 1370 mm
    Width: 450 mm
    Depth: 640 mm
    Net weight: 86 kg per piece

  • Recommended room size

    25-80 m²

  • Finish

The Awards