X Diamond

The Estelon X Diamond is a process of evolution from within the ever-innovating engineering rooms of Estelon. Chief among the design elements continues
to be the use of the signature E-lon cabinet form. While sharing the visual shape with
Estelon XA, the product itself is a result of an extensive technological advancement.

Many years have passed since the introduction of Alfred Vassilkov’s signature
brand and additionally to the pre-Estelon eras 30 years of experience, much has
been learned during this visionary and innovative period.

The Diamond

New are the diamond tweeter and a crossover – employing premium quality components in a separate chamber, utilizing state of the art carbon fiber resonant control and isolation technology. Additional changes to the cabinet’s inner layer constrained layer construction have been made, and the new dampening materials have been employed.

The “minimal” electrical second order crossovers, the raffinated mix of other elements as drivers and acoustic enclosure, has allowed Estelon to find again, trusted and confirmed qualities, a rediscovering and refinement of proven design principles and technological principals that are the true expression of Estelon’s sonic esthetics.
The Estelon X Diamond is a genuine musical instrument in its own right. One that, when carefully integrated into system and room, is capable of delivering a truly exhilarating listening experience.


The 280 mm German made Accuton bass driver uses a special ultra stiff ceramic – sandwich dome. FEA optimized underhung motor design with 55 mm titanium voice coil guarantees very low energy storage and exceptional heat transfer.
The mid-bass unit, developed by Accuton, is a sophisticated design with special attention paid to the titanium voice coil former and the surrounding air gap to provide maximum freedom from dynamic compression in conjunction with the use of a special ultra stiff ceramic dome.

It is valued for its midrange neutrality, mated to its own acoustic enclosure. All moving elements of the driver are ventilated for “resonance free” response.
The 30 mm high frequency driver has ultra hard diamond dome. As the dome breakup frequency is around 45 kHz, no distortions in audible frequency range. A neodymium underhung motor design with vented aluminum voice coil former guarantees low energy storage and excellent heat transfer. The soft fabric surround and ferrofluid with high viscosity center the moving parts with distinctive linearity.

The Preparation

Each drive unit is “broken in” by running a signal through them for several hours before selecting matching pairs of drivers for each speaker pair. When drivers in matching pairs, another ‘break in’ with a special signal is conducted. Finally, drivers are fitted into the finished cabinet for individual tuning.

The components used were chosen through hundreds of listening tests based on subjective musicality – drivers, Teflon hybrid capacitors, inductors, Kubala-Sosna internal wiring etc.
All of the aforementioned is unified by Alfred’s custom crossover, that enables the symbiotic performance of the elements after they are carefully tested – the crossover with Teflon hybrid capacitors and air core inductors is incased in a separate chamber to protect the crossover components from microphonic effect.


  • Passive speaker


  • Woofer: 1×11″ Accuton, ceramic sandwich dome
  • Mid-Woofer: 7” Accuton, ceramic membrane
  • Tweeter: 1×1,2” Accuton, diamond inverted dome

Internal Wiring:

  • Kubala-Sosna


  • Mii, Teflon-Hybrid


  • Goertz, copper foil – Air Core

Frequency Response:

  • 22-45 000 Hz

Power rating:

  • 200 W

Nominal Impedance

  • 6 ohms, (min 3,8 ohms at 70Hz)


  • 88 dB/2,83 V

Minimal amplifier Power:

  • 20 W


  • 2018 Editors’ Choice Award (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2017 Editors’ Choice Award (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2016 Editors’ Choice Award (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2015 Editors’ Choice Award (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2014 Editors’ Choice Award (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2013 Editors’ Choice Award (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2012 CES Innovation Award (USA)
  • 2012 Product of the Year (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2012 Editors’ Choice Award (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2012 Outstanding Floorstanding Speaker (Super AV, China)
  • 2012 Highly recommended components (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • 2012 Best of Show at Newport Beach Show (The Absolute Sound, USA)