The monumental sculpture of a speaker, standing up to 2 meters high, craves for attention through Estelon’s signature design. Extreme gives you a perception of the quality it performs, even before you embrace the entrancing sound it delivers.

The proprietary marble based composite material with the finest aesthetic finish presents the familiar sculpture-like design that Estelon has trademarked over the years. Following the principles that have proven itself with every product launched by Estelon, the shape and the material of the speaker are an essential part of the powerful performance the speaker provides. The truly mesmerizing experience begins when the design and the technology fuse together, as the audience will be left in awe after being absorbed in seamlessly blended soundscape.


Extreme’s design is the manifestation of Estelon’s engineering principles that blend function and form together to work seamlessly in harmony.
The synergy presented in Extreme takes a whole new meaning when the listener discovers the performance enchanting principles the design harbors. Estelon’s head-engineer Alfred Vassilkov has provided the Extreme with all the innovative break-through technology and design principles that he has been multiple times awarded for over the years.

Extreme is the visually aesthetic definition of Estelon’s relentless pursuit to technological perfection. Simply put, it looks as good as it sounds, because it is a sum of everything Estelon stands for as a leading innovator in the high end speaker industry.


The most noticeable change in Exteme’s design is that it’s built of two modules. The upper module allows the speaker to be adjustable by user for optimizing the sound in regard of audience’s position and room specifics. It also isolates the high, medium and mid-bass drivers from the vibration that the lower positioned bass drivers provide.

Through the positioning of the bass drivers in lower module and the design of the cabinet, Extreme delivers a complete acoustic sphere by not breaking the sonic geometry. As a result the listener is presented with the quality of the bass that is unheard of.

Sound quality

The quality of Extreme’s sound is the result of every engineering detail and design decision as whole – the shape and material of the cabinet, the top tier components and the engineering experience of masterfully fitting it all together. This provides an outcome that allows Extreme to deliver a complete and harmonious soundscape which is bigger than the sum of its components.

Every aspect of Extreme’s sound is rich, dynamic and immersive. All the details are delivered with perfection, providing the listener with a truly natural and pure experience. The sound of Extreme is an event on its own, where the speaker itself completely disappears as a sound source, replacing its presence with the venue in which the recording was made.


We pride ourselves with tradition of building our speakers by hand and continue this practice with the release of Estelon Extreme. Every cabinet is built manually by highly experienced and expert craftsmen with the attention to detail, that Estelon is known for.

Extreme is the first speaker in Estelon’s product line that utilizes two colour combination to compliment the speakers monumental cabinet design. The matte black as the primary colour combined with the glossy polished finishes, also used by high-end automotive manufacturers, enhances Extreme’s every curve with the beautiful aesthetic reflections, making these speakers the true heart and soul of any room.


  • Passive speaker


  • Woofer: 2×10″ Aluminium dome
  • Mid-Woofer: 10” Aluminium dome
  • Midrange: 7″ Ceramic inverted dome
  • Tweeter: 1,5” Diamond inverted dome

Frequency Response:

  • 20-45 000 Hz

Power rating:

  • 500 W

Nominal Impedance

  • 4 ohms


  • 91 dB/2,83 V


  • Height: 1770 mm – 2070 mm
  • Width: 790 mm
  • Depth: 820 mm
  • Net weight: 250 kg per piece


  • Best Performance of the Year 2017 (Audio Art, Taiwan)
  • Loudspeaker of the Year 2016 (Cost No Object, Hi-Fi+, UK)
  • CES Best of Innovation Awards 2015 (CEA, USA)
  • Most Coveted Product at Munich High-End 2015 (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • Best of 2014 (Part-Time Audiophile, USA)
  • Most Coveted Product at Munich High-End 2014 (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • Most Significant Product Introduction at Munich High-End 2014 (The Absolute Sound, USA)
  • Gold Show Award “Best New Product” at Munich High-End 2014 (AV Showrooms, USA)