Estelon LYNX is the pinnacle of musical engineering. A masterpiece that transforms our idea of enjoying sound. It is a landmark signifying the beginning of a new era for the audio industry.


A touching musical experience without any additional requirements. Estelon LYNX does everything itself. It combines the art of the speakers with integrated ‘’Estelon Intelligent Audio’’ technology. No need for extra equipment. No obstacles, no conversions, no losses, no distortion. Just the pure, natural sound of the music you like.

Estelon LYNX offers a user experience taken to the next level with its simplicity. The Estelon app, specially developed for the best listening experience, together with your smart device (phone or tablet) will do the work for you and Estelon LYNX will fill your home with lively music.


Estelon LYNX stands for intelligent innovation. Always leading the pack, and constantly evolving. The revolutionary system can be updated via software and in the future its groundbreaking modular hardware can be upgraded to latest technological developments, never becoming old, always being the best.

It is a unique opportunity to experience audio with the same quality as it was recorded by musicians. You can immerse yourself in a world of sound for hours. Estelon LYNX represents our vision for the enjoyment of music in the future. Now LYNX is here, and you have no other desire but to listen.


Estelon LYNX speakers are essentially a marriage of all the best technology in the field of digital audio we could imagine. The core of the audio is HQPlayer from Signalyst what works as a DSD rendering engine, converting everything to a DSD64 stream. An Integrated Roon streaming player acts as a user interface for playback from NAS or Tidal streaming service.

The final frontier of the Estelon Intelligent Audio technology is its powerdac – or the absence of it, actually. Estelon LYNX speakers have the DSD stream driving speaker elements directly. As one of the fundamental features of DSD bitstream is its capability to have analog signal reconstructed by simple analog low-pass filtering, Lynxes can get away with no signal processing at the amplification stage whatsoever.

The phase and amplitude accuracy of DSD is comparable to best analog recordings, while the digital domain allows the lossless transport of the data. At any point, by simply re- clocking the bitstream to DSD bitrate, one will get the mesmerizingly close rendering of original recording (if it started its life as DSD, of course).

The audio data transport in Estelon LYNX takes place wirelessly, over the 2Ghz and 5Ghz Wi- Fi network while a dedicated radio chipset constantly aligns the phase and timing of the DSD clock pulses on all the speakers connected to system. In Estelon Intelligent Audio, recolcking of the DSD data is done with sub-picosecond jitter precision, while the synchronization between the channels over the air is approaching the sub-microsecond domain.

This signal is then run through a precision FET driver bridge connected directly to the speaker (analog) crossover. It is difficult to imagine a shorter and more lossless signal path in the analog or digital world of audio.

This approach to digital audio is the most suited to the hardcore audiophile there can be, and the sound you get this way is in some sense even closer to analog than analog itself.

“Listening to the Lynx I could immediately perceive the typical Estelon house sound, a detailed and refined presentation with excellent imaging and natural timbre. The Estonian company remains a pinnacle of innovation and aesthetics.”

Part-time Audiophile


  • Stereo Award 2017 – Expected Product (Stereo Magazine, Vietnam)
  • Best of High-End 2017 (Soundstage Global, Canada)
  • Most Significant Product Introduction at High-End 2017 (The Absolute Sound, US)
  • Best Presentation / Sound at High-End Munich 2017 (Hi-Fi+ Magazine, UK)
  • Innovation Award at High-End Munich 2017 (Audio HUB, Greece)


  • “Intelligent Loudspeakers” / all-in-one active speakers


  • Woofer: 1×10”
  • Mid-Woofer: 2×5”
  • Tweeter: 1×1” / Options: Beryllium or Diamond

Frequency Response:

  • 20-40 000 Hz

Electronics (integrated):

  • Estelon Intelligent Audio technology:
  • Power amplifier: 2×260 Watt
  • Streamer

Connectivity Options:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet cable
  • Bluetooth
  • DLNA

Audio formats:

  • Roon supports: WAV, WAV64, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP3, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSF, DFF.


  • Estelon® App
    • Height adjustment
    • Technical data control
  • Roon Music player
  • Tidal


  • Height: 1340 mm – 1540 mm / adjustable
  • Width: 390 mm
  • Depth: 480 mm
  • Net Weight: 65kg per speaker


  • White Pearl Gloss & Black Matte
  • Ultimate Black Gloss & Black Matte


  • Composite material


  • 16-100 m2