Review of the Estelon XA published in 6 moons

“I did have a chance to experience the Estelon XA in my room to know that they’re worth every penny one needs to part with…


Jonathan Valin’s dream gift is Estelon X Diamond

With the holiday season approaching, The Absolute Sound reviewers were asked to name a single product in the world that they most covet. Jonathan Valin…


Coming Soon – Review of X Diamonds by Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

“In Issue 228, I will have several thousand more words to say about the X Diamonds. But for the time being let this blog serve…


Estelon XC Loudspeakers – Compact Elegance. Review by Jeff Dorgay from TONEAudio Magazine, USA

“They produce an awesome soundstage in all three dimensions. It almost feels as if my couch is inside a gigantic pair of headphones! Enthusiastically recommended.”…


New Review of Model XA by Roger Gordon, Positive Feedback

“Do the XAs play music? Do they have mojo? Did I wave my air baton, play my air guitar, or bang my head along with…


New review of the Estelon Model XC by U-Audio, Taiwan

Read full review here Photo from u-audio.com.tw


Estelon as noted in Robb Report

The Estelon XA Loudspeaker: A Sonic Work of Art “The Estonian company’s recently released flagship speaker, the XA, pushes the boundaries of style and engineering,…


First review of the Estelon XA Speakers

„The fanatical attention to detail shows what can be accomplished when a great driver set is combined with cutting-edge materials and design. We give these…